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DÉCAAR Algae Peel Course of 3 Treatments

  • 1 hour
  • 225 British pounds

Service Description

Course of three treatments includes the DÉCAAR OXY AFTER TREATMENT SET (increases results by up to 70%). Set worth of £95! It works by improving the skin’s vitality through oxygenation. The products in this set consist of highly active ingredients such as Perfluorodecalin, to improve the aerobic functionality of cell repair and regeneration. They perform deep skin hydration and improve skin elasticity while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The skin’s immune system is significantly improved, and skin cells are energised. The OXY After Treatment set contains 6x travel-sized products, a cleanser, toner and 4x products from the Oxygen-infused O2 range, the perfect size to compliment your course of Algae Peels. The DÉCAAR Algae peel is a combination of natural ingredients based on Algae, Herbs, and Perfluorodecalin. It works differently to any other skin resurfacer from the inside out, from the basal layer to the surface. It accelerates skin cell turn over from 4-6 weeks to an outstanding 72 hours! Benefits include: -Stimulates cell renewal by massively accelerating cellular turnover -Stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin -Reduces sebum production and fights bacteria combating acne breakouts -Works on darker skin types with no risk -Eliminates pigmentation spots -Normalises thickness of the skin -Works to reduce scarring -Helps control rosacea -Massively improves overall skin health Suitable for: All skin types and conditions, pregnancy and breastfeeding, vegans, teenagers, sensitive skin

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